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Quality and Value with Nickall Training

About Us

We are a company based in Peterhead dedicated to providing high quality training at sensible prices.  
We know that good training allows people to work better and helps them keep safe.  The right kind of training can also save employers money, as their employees work more efficiently and effectively and avoid accidents and problems.  Contact us today and let us show you how training with Nickall Training Services makes good sense.  

Training promotes Safety

Safety First

The National Audit Office have published a report confirming that workplace accidents and ill health in Scotland resulted in 2.5 million working days last year. The cost was around £187,000,000.

The rate of fatalities and major injuries was higher than in England and Wales.

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Training provides Skills

Skilled Workers

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Training that Works

Sensible Prices

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Accident Prevention

Skills means Efficiency

Training for the Future

Experienced Instructor

Training Facility

Legal Requirements

Industry Standards

Time is money.  If a job needs done it needs to be done properly, first time, no excuses.

Training allows workers to see cost effective, efficient and safe, work methods and in the long term can save employers money and hassle.

There would be no point in us providing the top quality training that we do if our customers couldn’t afford it.

Contact us today for a training package exclusively tailored to your needs and at a price which we are sure you will approve.

I think that this is true of this business...that you probably spend more time in planning and training and designing for things to go wrong, and how you cope with them, than you do for things to go right.
Alan Shepard

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Experienced, friendly Instructor

When good training is required experience makes a difference.

Own Training Facility

We can come to you or we can train you at our own facility in Peterhead.

Legal Requirements

We know the training you need to meet legal requirements so contact us.

Industry Standards

We meet RTITB standards in our training and are HSE approved

We can offer